Naimoli Estate

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Naimoli Estate’s fantastic Bed & Breakfast includes a full kitchen staff, a full bar staff, full housekeeping staff, and numerous other hospitality accommodations designed to enhance our guests’ experience.

The two-story, roughly 20,000 square foot Bed & Breakfast offers enough room for 16-25 people comfortably. With beautiful rooms, elegant dining and living areas, and access to all other beautiful areas of the expansive estate, our Bed & Breakfast space is the best of it’s kind in the entire region. Weather you are coordinating for a large corporation, military organization, family gathering, or other event, the convenience and elegance of the Bed & Breakfast at Naimoli Estate makes it the perfect place to stay for a few nights.

To learn more about availability and pricing for accommodations, including the luxurious presidential suite, please contact us here.

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